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  Dr. Hillman provides psychological evaluations, consultations, and testimony in areas of insanity, substance abuse, and risk for violence, including sexual violence. See bio.

Located in Chicago, he has provided these services in Cook County and throughout Illinois. Contact Dr. Hillman.

Also provided are consultations and mini-training sessions for lawyers and other groups. Presentations include:

Anatomy of a Psychological Evaluation
What to expect from a forensic evaluation, from the referral question to summary and recommendations. What are the considerations for standards of evidence, and how to know if the report is complete. How collateral information is used and what kinds of tests are used. This is a concise review of the content and form of an evaluation and report.

How Do We Determine Malingering?
An attractive, “easy out” for many violators is to fake mental illness—a ruse used to avoid consequences of behavior. Malingering can be hard to isolate within those who may be suffering from a mental illness, brain damage, and drug or alcohol dependence. There are tests and techniques for identifying malingering. This presentation offers a quick overview of the warning signs of malingering and the kind of psych evaluation that detects it.

Competency to stand trial, competency to waive Miranda rights, and competency to confess involve knowledge and understanding of due process and rights associated with police interrogation and court proceedings. Competencies in all three areas are related to age, I.Q., personality, and experience.

Sanity at the Time of the Offense
Criminal responsibility is defined differently from one state to another. Within Illinois and federal cases, the questions for court are; whether, at the time of the offense, the defendant had a mental disorder and that disorder prevented the defendant from substantially appreciating the criminality of conduct.

Risk for Violence

The conflict between the need for prediction and the limitations of predictive accuracy make this controversial. Review of research and trends related to prediction of violence. How an evaluation is conducted, what tools are used, and how the results are presented to court.

Sex Offender Evaluations
In an emotionally charged field, evaluations for civil commitment are scrutinized by both defense and prosecution. This is an overview of actuarial tools, static and dynamic factors, and best practice standards associated with forensic evaluations of sex offenders.




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